The Amazing Diversity of Pigeons

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National Pigeon Association
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The Amazing Diversity of Pigeons

Studying pigeon genetics could offer insight into how various traits have evolved in wild birds. 

By Alisa Opar
Published: 05/21/2012

Free-living pigeons are so ubiquitous they often go unnoticed, yet the species is remarkably diverse. The 350-plus breeds display traits ranging from curly feathers to stumpy beaks. But similar-looking pigeons aren't necessarily closely related, reveals a study of 70 domestic breeds and two free-living populations. For instance, both English trumpeters and English pouters have feathers, not scales, on their feet, but they aren't genetically similar. Conversely, two owl pigeons, the short-beaked African and the Old German, are closely related (though the former has a plain head while the latter sports an impressive crest). Investigating the genetic origins of pigeon diversity could help shed light on how similar traits--vital for survival and reproduction--have evolved in wild birds. "It would be great to cross a toucan and an owl to try to figure out what controls beak development," says Michael Shapiro, a University of Utah biologist and lead author of the study. "Obviously you can't do that, but you can cross domestic pigeons."

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Alisa Opar

Alisa Opar is the articles editor at Audubon magazine. Follow her on Twitter @alisaopar.

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Wow! How can we have such beautiful Pigeons like this. May I find out such Pigeons in Minneapolis, US?


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These pigeons look so beautiful. I really want to own the one like that.

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This was so interesting, but I wish you'd labelled the pictures of the pigeons. I'd love to know the names of the birds shown. Thanks!


Pigeons are my favorite bird. <3

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