The Man Who Saves Cranes

The Man Who Saves Cranes

At forty years and counting, celebrated ornithologist George Archibald's global crusade to protect cranes still has the wind beneath its wings. 

By Rene Ebersole
Published: 01/18/2013
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Congratulations, Archibald !

Congratulations, Archibald ! I want to succeed your AnByun Projects in North Korea.

whooping cranes

What a wonderful story of great commitment to the conservation of whooping cranes. I've only seen the ones in TX from a great distance once and then a few years ago 5 flew behind my home heading north but except for their calls were mostly blocked from view. Congratulations, Archibald for you much deserved recognition.

George Archibald & ICF - so much more than "Tex"

I was disappointed that the article dwelled so much on an imprinted whooping crane and what happened 30 years ago. The writer missed the point - George Archibald is one of the world's outstanding conservation leaders. Archibald's charisma, dedication, and tireless efforts the past 40 years have inspired thousands of people and have led to the creation of numerous nature reserves all over the globe as well as increased protection for cranes and the wetlands they depend on. Congratulations George on a much deserved award!


A lovely story, a lovely person. Such persistence and dedication. Conservation medicine is like the slow food movement of veterinary medicine.

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