Turn Your Yard into a Hummingbird Spectacular

Turn Your Yard into a Hummingbird Spectacular

Make smart plant choices and, with a little bit of work, your backyard can host these tiny miracles (and help scientists save them).

By Scott Weidensaul
Published: May-June 2013

Audubon's new Hummingbirds at Home project aims to enlist concerned citizens to help scientists understand how climate change, flowering patterns, and feeding by people are affecting hummingbirds. Get the app at Audubon.org/citizenscience.

This story originally ran in the May-June 2013 issue as "Magic Show."

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They seem to love the large

They seem to love the large red flower's of the Canna's, too. I plant the bulbs that I save from the previous year and the hummer's fight aggressively for the necter of this flower.

you will like this!

you will like this!

I could not load the app.

I could not load the app. Kept getting error note. Have tried in the past yo get involved with the hummingbird project. Difficulty then also.

I have tried to register or

I have tried to register or login to the "hummingbirds at home" page without success. Keep getting "username or password error" Have used the "reset your password" successfully , that did not help. Why does the error message say "username" is in error ??? The login/sign up does not ask for "username", it asks for "Enter your email address". I have asked for help with this 4 times, NO REPLY or response, nothing....

Dont forget Zinneas.. the

Dont forget Zinneas.. the hummers love them and they bloom thru frost

If you live in Southern

If you live in Southern California you can buy these plants (and many others) at The Payne Foundation California Native plants located in Sun Valley.

Payne Foundation is just

Payne Foundation is just great! Lived in the San Fernando Valley for 15 years; successfully redid my large, water-guzzling yards using drought-tolerant plants & seeds from them! Back hillock was planted with some kind of long, green grass that ended-up looking like waves, never needed any care & required a minimal amount of water to get it started..

Any suggestions as to where

Any suggestions as to where to get these hummingbird friendly plants?

Wonderful ideas but could help to know where to order these.

Try Spring Hill Nursery

Try Spring Hill Nursery online ..they're a mail order business and have wonderful products

most flower company catalogs

most flower company catalogs have salvia, cardinal flower and bee balm. And jewel weed and honeysuckle griow abundantly so ask neighbors or frineds who would be happy to share (i.e. get rid of) some. :-)

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