Why Do Birds Matter?

Why Do Birds Matter?

From authors to ornithologists, avian enthusiasts share their thoughts.

By The Audubon Editors
Published: March-April 2013

Birds are an important part of the species chain supporting earth's ecosystems. From the smallest wren to the largest eagle or waterfowl, birds help sustain the earth's resources while sustaining themselves. They and every other species now face challenges greater than we have known in many recent and past eras in the face of toxicity, pollution, greenhouse gases, and many other forces attacking all of the earth's species and environments. They are harbingers foretelling humans that the results of our actions are having and will continue to produce serious impacts on everything we now know on earth, if we do not change our ways. --Joyce Coppinger

"Birds are nature's greatest expression of grace and beauty and are an inspiration to all who observe and study them." I often use this to describe the wonder I feel when observing birds and their behaviors. People seem to get my point. --Tom Baptist, Executive director, Audubon Connecticut

Birds matter because they are beautiful and because we love them and care about them. They matter because they are an integral part of the ecosystem in which they live, and we are already learning that when one element of an ecosystem is disturbed, there is a ripple of consequences that affects the entire system: for example, they are a food source for raptors, some mammals, and other species. Birds matter because they are an important source of eco-tourism in many parts of the world. --Melanie Hunt

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Birds are nature's way of

Birds are nature's way of creeping in through closed doors and windows to beckon, remind you, reassure you. To say, "I'm still here".

Why Birds Matter

If you are fortunate enough to have a moment to be still and be in nature, you may be graced with the presence of a bird. There's but a brief window of opportunity for you to get close enough to view it's colors before it's gone.
Birds are part of the things that we can rarely own or touch. There's mystery in that, and who doesn't love a good mystery?


Birds hellps to show how life could be simple, beautiful and perfect.
Each simple song of a bird change our perception, our feelings, our day.
A bird would be able to change the way of life of the human being.
Just stop, look and listen to the birds.

Why Birds Matter

Birds are remarkable with their distinctive personalities, intelligence, and fierce protectiveness of their young. I love to watch them interact in my yard and in the field; sometimes they squabble but more often they go about their business in harmonious peace always with an eye to the predator. Watching them hover and swoop, zooming like a rocket to places high and beyond fills me with joy, amazement and wonder. My life is happily tied to theirs.

why birds matter

Birds are a joy to watch in my garden, they add joy to my day and all people like them if not love. They are great pollenators and planters too.

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