Win an Edward Lear Eagle Owl Print from the Sumptuous New Book ‘Birds Drawn for John Gould’

Win an Edward Lear Eagle Owl Print from the Sumptuous New Book ‘Birds Drawn for John Gould’

Gorgeous limited-print book features 80 birds by the renowned artist.

By the Audubon Editors
Published: 12/21/2012
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Resident Redtail

In my hometown in Virginia there was an urban "sand green" golf course that was part of a parcel of land willed to the city with the proviso that it would remain undeveloped and serve as a public park. On the first hole, which was situated on a ridge overlooking the mostly open ground of the nine hole layout, was a massive old oak tree with a large limb about ten to twelve feet off the ground. Regularly perched upon that limb, quite oblivious to human traffic, was a Red Tail Hawk. I have spent many happy hours watching these magnificent creatures on the wing riding thermals over the Blue Ridge mountains, but to stand so close to one and on rare occasion watch it hunt, was a great honor and those memories I hold dear. It was there that my lifelong love of and admiration for birds of prey began.

Lear's drawings

I'm more familiar with Lear's work with Australian animals than with these. If some copies of the Folio Society volume end up in libraries, the collection will be an important resource for scholarship in the cultural history of science and scientific illustration.

The Eagle Owl

I'm happy no special talent is required to enter this contest! One of my fondest wishes is to be able to communicate directly with animals. Failing that, I have to do the work of studying them, as I sometimes see my cats studying me.

I Want to Be Known as the Nature Grandma

Our first grandchild Olivia, is almost three years old. I've decided that for every birthday, holiday, and opportunity available, she will receive the gift of nature from us. Starting with simple books and stuffed animals we intend to sow seeds of wonder and joy in nature that were planted for us many years ago. Edward Lear's drawing would enhance the vision we have for Olivia, whose guest room in our home is now know as the bird room. It is my dream that she will grow into a protector of wildlife.

Eagle Owl Print by Lear

Forty years ago I began to lose my hearing. Upon receiving my first pair of hearing aids, I walked out into the day and heard a bird singing for the first time since childhood. I immediately began to seek him out. That began a lifelong love of birds. I am now completely deaf, but powerful hearing aids still allow me to hear an occasional birdsong. Their beauty still thrills me. Ten years ago I was presented with a gift of a John Gould print (schistes albogularis) and would dearly add love to add Lear's Eagle Owl print to pair the two. My hope is that someday the beautiful book will be made affordable by all. Thank you for this opportunity to enter the contest.

Lear's birds

I've read about Edward Lear's bird paintings, but have only seen reproductions of a few. It will be great if the editors print more copies of this book in a less lavish format, so that more folks can purchase it.

Owl Print

Birds represent everything magical in this world - their feathers, variety, habits,and migrations. I wish everyone in the world could see and understand the beauty of birds and that I could afford the gorgeous book!

Eagle Owl

My children's favorite object in the world is a stuffed barn owl that has hung in their grandmother's house for many years. They and their cousins all want the owl as their inheritance. Love Edward Lear's lithograph of this gorgeous owl. I hope the editors come out with a 'bargain priced' copy of this volume that we commoners can afford.


Have always loved owls and their expressions: curious, intense, bored, etc.

There are hidden treasures to

There are hidden treasures to be found, even today. These look like beautiful prints.

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