Tactics and Techniques for Tackling the Oil Spill

Tactics and Techniques for Tackling the Oil Spill

Michael Lowe
Published: 05/07/2010

Propane cannons blast noise through the air to scatter birds out of potential danger and are only one part of a "very elaborate contingency plan not yet been used on this spill," said FWS spokesperson Phil Kloer in a phone interview. "We are very much studying the situation hour by hour figuring out what needs to be done." 

Kloer was unable to comment on potential negative effects the sound blasts could have on wildlife and at what point these tactics would be implemented, but Kloer assured whatever strategy they use, it is in the best interest of the animals. "We are entrusted with preserving our wildlife resources," said Kloer. "It is something we may use when we feel the need to use it." 

It’s easy to feel like the outcome of the oil spill is out of your control. Unless you plan on hand delivering dispersants (ill-advised) or sailing to the oil slick with a torch to set it aflame (extremely ill-advised), there’s not much to do except wait and hope for the best.

Although, there’s always the option to donate your hair to be used as boom sponges that soak up oil…

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