Giant Strip Mine Threatens Alaska's Iconic Bristol Bay

Giant Strip Mine Threatens Alaska's Iconic Bristol Bay

Pick the worst place on the planet for a giant strip mine, in the heart of America's wildest and most productive ecosystem. That's exactly where one is planned.

By Ted Williams
Published: November-December 2012

Learn more: read more about efforts to save Bristol Bay. Spread the word: Use Facebook and Twitter to alert friends and family to this important issue. Take action: Let the EPA know that you want the agency to follow up on its assessment and reject mining permits in Bristol Bay by writing; dine at restaurants that serve Bristol Bay's wild salmon; and buy jewelry from companies that oppose the mine.

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Ted Williams

Ted Williams is freelance writer.

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Mining in BristolBay

Why not permit enough area for a small mine enough to employ a couple hundred local people so they will enjoy life like you white environmentalists?

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