The Other Arctic

The Other Arctic

When most Americans think of the wildlife on Alaska's North Slope, they think of the beleaguered, 19-million-acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But if they look to the west, they will see another vast wilderness--also teeming with birds, bears, and caribou. Best of all, they can help save it.

By Jeff Fair/Photography by Subhankar Banerjee
Published: November-December 2011


Show your concern about drilling in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska's special areas by filling out and mailing the card that's bound between pages 84 and 85. Tell the BLM to provide permanent protection for areas within the NPR-A, including Teshekpuk Lake, the Utukok Uplands, Kasegaluk Lagoon, and the Colville River. You can stay up to date on the issue here. Express your concern for the Teshekpuk Lake Wetlands by sending a letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar here.

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We've trashed the lower 48 so

We've trashed the lower 48 so now we'll begin trashing Alaska. The little bit of oil we'll get from the North Slope and from off-shore rigs aren't worth the end result.
C'Mon. Give the wildlife, and those of us who care, a break.

The arctic

Nature's wonders can't be bought at the store or made by man. They are treasures and we must treat them as such.

Don't know what you have until its gone

Why do we continue to do the most destructive things for our own self gains. Is it truly human nature or just laziness that gives us the right. Why do we avoid taking the necessary steps to develop alternate means to support ourselves without disturbing the rest of the world. Every being that exists has a right to survive.

Save the Arctic

Humanity must stop the wanton destruction of habitat for all other non-human creatures. We are making it impossible for species after species to continue living on earth. Humans don't own the earth.


It makes no sense to destroy something that is priceless in order to find some putrid, toxic gunk to further poison our planet. For what? MONEY?

NPR - Permanent Protection

The National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska needs PERMANENT national wildlife refuge status. It must be left wild for all to enjoy.

The Other Arctic - NPR

The National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska needs PERMANENT national wildlife refuge status. It must be left wild for all to enjoy.

Save the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, or NPR-A

Mention Arctic wildlife and most people imagine an area on the eastern end of Alaska’s North Slope: the beleaguered Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But to the west of Prudhoe Bay there’s an additional 23 million acres of unsung wilderness: the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, or NPR-A. It’s even larger than the Arctic refuge, teeming with wildlife—and in need of your help.

Though the reserve’s name makes it sound like a giant oil tank waiting to be tapped, it holds much more. This western Arctic wilderness, the largest federal holding in the United States—the reserve is the size of Indiana—is home to hundreds of thousands of caribou; grizzlies and wolves in numbers long ago erased from the Lower 48; and skeins of pintails and long-tailed ducks, Pacific black brant, tundra swans, king eiders, and white-fronted geese lacing the spring and autumn skies. Now and then a surreptitious wolverine, too lanky and long-legged to be a bear, appears in the low rays of the midnight sun. From the river bluffs hundreds of falcons and eagles take wing. And on the reserve’s fringes, where it slips under the Beaufort Sea to the north and the Chukchi Sea to the west, it is refuge to seals and birthing belugas and the terrestrial domain of polar bears—icon of the North—swimming in from the retreating sea ice. A bleak and empty land suited only for oil development? No way.

No Drilling in Our Last Pristine Areas

It's a crime that we are robbing future generations of their birthright to know their natural world. It is also humanity's undoing. We've pillaged enough of the earth. We simply cannot afford further devastation and destruction.

Save the Arctic

Somethings are just WORTH saving! This is at the top of the list!!!

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