2012 Audubon Holiday Gift Guide

2012 Audubon Holiday Gift Guide

Nine affordable, eco-friendly products--and one budget-buster (but it's awesome!)

By the Audubon Editors
Published: 12/07/2012

Each year during the holiday season, Americans spend something like half a trillion dollars. Even so, we often feel as if we've fallen short on finding that perfect gift. Here are some suggestions that just might make the grade. Most are modestly priced; some even return something to the environment when you buy them.


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1. Jewelry/Broken Plate Pendant Co. 

Oops! You dropped Grandma's china dish, shattering a family heirloom. Don't fret. Instead, pick up the pieces--and send them to Juliet Ames, founder of the Broken Plate Pendant Co. Ames transforms chinaware chips into charms, rings, and other fashionable accessories. No shards to share? Choose from various ready-made designs.

For: Fashion addict
Buy it here: The Broken Plate Pendant Company
Price: $25-$60


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2. Scope Adapter/Meopta MeoPix

Nature can be so fleeting. Now you can hold on to that life bird in a photo taken through your scope or binoculars using your iPhone and this lightweight tool. Your phone fits snuggly in the adapter, which then attaches to a scope or binoculars like a lens cap. Zero in on the bird, steady your hand, and click--a crisp, beautiful shot to immortalize your spotting.

For: Bird buff
Buy it here: Meopta, plus most major optics retailors including B&H Photo and Eagle Optics
Price: $59


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3. Field Journal/Pomegranate

Record field observations, sketch species, even track your life list in this light, hardcover book made from recycled paper. Want to know which seeds or berries attract which birds? The journal includes avian-specific info like that, plus such basics as how to use binoculars. It also sports beautiful illustrations by John James Audubon, making it one journal you'll want to show off. 

For: Bird buff
Buy it here: Pomegranate
Price: $16.95



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4. Binocular harness/L.L. Bean

For the birder tired of pain-inducing, neck-straining binoculars, this inexpensive L.L. Bean harness steadies the equipment without cluttering the look. Light as suspenders and equally as stretchy, the black accessory makes bins feel practically weightless. Carry them around all day and barely notice they're there. That's more birding gain, less birding pain.

For: Bird buff
Buy it here: L.L. Bean
Price: $9.95











5. Soy Candle/Chilanthropy

Chilanthropy's scented candles and soaps make supporting charities easy--and sweet smelling. Named for places the founder traveled, the soy-wax candles are free of pesticides and herbicides, and their triple wicks burn slowly and evenly for 60 hours. A portion of each sale goes to one of eight organizations supporting different environmental causes, from safeguarding the Costa Rican cloud forest to protecting the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

For: Design junkie
Buy it here: Chilanthropy
Price: $36



6. Birdfeeders/Green Doxie Events

Provide your local chickadees and cardinals a snack with these charming gelatin-birdseed feeders shaped liked gingerbread men and mittens. Shipped in recycled and recyclable packaging, these solid cakes hold their shape for up to six months. Thwart squirrel thieves by looping the feeders back through the twine when hanging. Green Doxie's mission is to make a big impression with a little footprint, and the birder in your life will love these.

For: Bird buff
Buy it here: Green Doxie Events
Price: $4.99-$42



7. N200 Solar Light/Nokero

Gift the sun's power with Nokero's Solar Light. This grapefruit-size, portable lamp will light up your campsite or back porch with its four LED bulbs; just remember to charge it. A full day of sunlight equals two hours of power. Plus, when you purchase an N200, Nokero donates one to Project C.U.R.E.'s Kits for Kids program to accompany soap, bandages, and other health products sent to families in developing countries.

For: Design junkie
Buy it here: Nokero
Price: $20


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8. Puzzles/Buffalo Games, Pomegranate

When the weather is frightful, budding birders can still get their fix indoors with these avian-themed puzzles. Buffalo Games' 500-piece sets offer jigsaws of five species, including the ever-popular Atlantic puffin. Once completed, the thousand pieces in Pomegranate's puzzles reveal artwork by this magazine's namesake.

For: Kids
Buy them here: Buffalo Games, Pomegranate
Price: $10.95-$18.95


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9. Smoke Detector/Chick-a-Dee

The black-capped chickadee has a great alarm bell: Sensing danger, the bird sounds its iconic chickadee-dee-dee call, the strings of dees increasing with perceived threat. This response inspired the Chick-a-Dee, a whimsical smoke detector that comes in white or white/black. At the first sign of smoke, the attractive lifesaver emits an 85db alarm signal--bringing life to a device that's made to protect it.

For: Design junkie
Buy it here: Chick-a-Dee
Price: $75



10. ATX/STX Modular Scope/Swarovski

Yes, this one's out of reach for most of us. At the same time, it's a genuine innovation in birding optics: the first modular spotting scope. Interchange the base--with its angled or straight eyepiece--with front lenses that are 65, 85, or 95mm in diameter. The smallest one is amazingly compact; the largest, which zooms to 70x magnification, lets in serious light. All produce remarkably sharp views. An adapter allows for easy photography through the scope.

For: Bird buff
Buy it here: Eagle Optics
Price: $3,400-$4,500, depending base and eyepiece

For additional ideas, check out last year's gift guide, with presents for adventure hounds, design junkies, fashion addicts, foodies, bird buffs, travel lovers, and kids. Plus five stocking stuffers

Bonus Gift Idea: Adopt-a-Bird
Find one here: Audubon Gift Catalog
Price: $30 a bird
Share your favorite avian memories with a bird loving friend or family member by adopting one--or more--of 16 colorful species representing the four flyways. Your giftee will receive a custom holiday card and an e-card, which will include your personal dedication. Proceeds benefit the National Audubon Society

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