Audubon 2013 Gift Guide for Bird Lovers

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Audubon 2013 Gift Guide for Bird Lovers

An array of presents sure to delight any avian enthusiast.

By Brianna Elliott
Published: 12/12/2013

If you’re still scrambling for a present for that bird lover on your list, check out our array of fantastic gifts. We have suggestions at every price point. A selection from this list—which includes books, apps, clothing, stocking stuffers, binoculars, even a chance to adopt a bird—will delight any avian enthusiast.


Give the gift of conservation. Adopt one of 16 birds, including the snowy plover, Atlantic puffin, burrowing owl, and bald eagle, and you'll help Audubon protect birds and their habitats. The gift includes a one-year Audubon membership, including six issues of Audubon magazine. The recipient receives an eCard notifying them of the adoption and describing all the benefits of their Audubon membership.

Buy it here: Audubon Gift Catalog 

Price: $30 (a $40 purchase comes with a northern cardinal plushy)


Chances are, the avian enthusiast in your life already has a field guide (if not, check out Audubon's selection here). Here are six other books birders are sure to find fascinating.

Bird Sense: What It's Like to Be a Bird, by Tim Birkhead: Nearly every page provides insights into how birds experience the world—from how they navigate to what they see to their long-unappreciated sense of smell—and reminds us of how much more we have to discover about these incredible creatures.

Buy it here:

Price: $16

The Warbler Guide, by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle: "The book is a monster. It has over 1,000 photographs. It has 550 pages and weighs in at a hefty 2.75 pounds. The Warbler Guide is a reference book that you will want to have on your desk, on your nightstand, or in your car, for contained within its pages is more treasure than any birder could ever hope for," writes Wayne Mones in his review for Audubon.

Buy it here:

Price: $29.95

The Crossley ID Guide to Raptors, by Richard Crossley, Jerry Liguori, Brian Sullivan: "If you love raptors and want to improve your identification skills, buy this book. Leave it on your coffee table or bed stand and study it. Follow this prescription and show up at your next hawk watch ready to hold your own against the pros," writes Wayne Mones in his review for Audubon.

Buy it here:

Price: $29.95

The Unfeathered Bird, by Katrina van Grouw: "A gorgeous atlas to guide bird lovers to a far more intimate understanding and appreciation of birds than has been possible for all but those who have the freedom to rummage through museum collections," writes Wayne Mones in his review for Audubon.

Buy it here:

Price: $49.95

Charles Harper's Birds & Words (40th Anniversary Edition), by Charley Harper: The classic 1974 book features gorgeous, carefully restored images.

Buy it here: AMMO Books

Price: $34.95. NOTE: AMMO is offering a 40% discount to Audubon readers; just use the code Audubon40.

The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds, by John Muir Laws: This book offers a novel array of tips that are easy and rewarding to follow.

Buy it here:

Price: $24.95


Note: You can purchase any of these at the Apple App Store.

Audubon Birds ($14.99): Said to be the best bang for your buck by The Nature Conservancy, Audubon's app partners with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to list sightings on eBird, has bird photos, and allows users to listen to five different calls per species.

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I am from Malaysia, would

I am from Malaysia, would love to participate too. Please advice.

That blog image is very

That blog image is very attractive. I like it very much & I read this blog it is very nice. Thanks for the sharing. Keep it up.

loves view.

loves view.

Do you have a calendar of

Do you have a calendar of birds??

Audubon's 2014 bird and

Audubon's 2014 bird and nature calendars are available here:, and the Audubon Marketplace ( has a variety of other gifts.

When I saw the first picture

When I saw the first picture I was hoping you had a calendar with that picture and others on it. Do you have another site?

Why is it that you do not

Why is it that you do not have T-shirts with birds on them. I would like one covered with all sorts of birds. I am not the only one wanting this. I have been scouring many sites but have yet to find one. Frankly I think if anyone would or should have them it is you!!! I could take care of many of on my Christmas gift list in a hurry! Put someone on this post haste!
Lea Barlow

There is a T-shirt site

There is a T-shirt site called The Mountain. They have excellent bird shirts. Very good quality images.

Is the bird adoption campaign

Is the bird adoption campaign open to people outside the U.S.? I'm from Australia and would love to participate.

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