Freddy Krueger Creator Wes Craven Loves Birds

Freddy Krueger Creator Wes Craven Loves Birds

He's more than the master of movie mayhem and the mastermind behind the terrifying A Nightmare On Elm Street. This Hollywood director is also a nature lover.  

By Graham Chisholm/Photography by Chris Buck
Published: September-October 2008

Q: How will we reach the next generation, especially kids in urban communities? 
A: That's a tough one, because there's tens of thousands of square miles of concrete. So kids are just used to being in the urban environment or on their computers, and you have to really go a distance to get them to go out and walk through trees and deal with bugs or whatever. Because they don't feel like that's their world. Anything to get them out there and walking around and having a sense that it's kind of fun to find out what that bird is and what it does--that it's well, well worth it. That's the vital community, lower-income kids that are now here--they just have a higher energy and interest in everything. When I went to the Audubon Center at Debs Park [in Los Angeles] with my wife, we thought the whole thing was terrific. The green feel of how they built the place--that's just a great example to kids and their parents. I found it very heartening that Audubon would do something that was so accessible to kids from the city.

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Thank you. I have only seen one up close, and that was many yrs ago in VT.
He was only 3 yrs old, raised in Calif. and was a part of an educational program.
I fell in love... buzzards are wonderful too! Yeah! for all birds worldwide, who eat dead things!

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