Has the Environment Become a Non-Issue in the 2012 Presidential Race?

Has the Environment Become a Non-Issue in the 2012 Presidential Race?

Drilling in the Arctic. Shale-gas fracking from New York to Texas. The earth heating up. And Obama and Romney nowhere to be found. 

By Bradford Plumer/Environmental Installations by Nicole Dextras
Published: September-October 2012
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Needs more study

Romney has the typical response to the global warming/climate change issues ie.' it needs more study'. In the Scientific American response , he says there is no consensus on the subject. This is of course wrong and the typical Republican response to this issue.

Why we ALL need to vote in Nov.

As an Independent, I know which party is NOT for our environment.
I will be voting "one party" only this year....Democrat!

This article risks falling

This article risks falling into the whining category - the environment is front and center in the race. Rollback of regulatorions (for which the EPA under Obama has become a flashpoint), the myth of "energy independence" - closely tied to regulatory rollback, Romney and Ryan's plan to sell public lands and give states control of federal energy resources on public land - the list goes on. Supposedly we environmentalists are well-informed enough not to get hung up on a lack of rhetoric from an administration that is under siege about the environment. The choice is very clear.

I agree that the US Federal

I agree that the US Federal and State governments hide the truth from us about many issues and it appears that not enough research and money go into real changes which might save our planet. One would have to be completely naive to not recognize that there are many crises here in the USA, including but not limited to, our land and wildlife. Polarization in our politics does not help. Our citizenry must be educated about ways to conserve and lots of encouragement to follow the advice but let us all realize that there are always priorities of life and death which might trump other issues. I say, if we do not figure out how to resolve the global economic crises and religious fanataticism worldwide, we will not have our land to conserve, and may not even have our lives. FYI, I am a conservative voter who supports every wildlife, land and sea preservation organization I can think of with my money.

Thanks for putting it out there

Finally, someone points out that environment is not on the map in this election -- even though the next president will face the most challenging environmental issues of our time, from declining air and water quality to the perilous and increasing destruction of habitat. In a recent "Meet the Press" interview, Romney even admitted that he is not running "to slow the rise of the oceans or to heal the planet." Our planet is finite. Wildlife habitat is our habitat. We don't get new stuff. By the time voters realize that they can't eat, breathe or drink money, it will be too late. Thank you for printing this article.

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