The Low-Carbon Diet

The Low-Carbon Diet

Change your lightbulbs? Or your car? If you want to fight global warming, it's time to consider a different diet.

By Mike Tidwell
Published: January-February 2009
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Mike Tidwell

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its is a good site

I would encourage you to read

I would encourage you to read a book called _Meat: A Benign Extravagance_, by Simon Fairlie, for further perspective on this.

You can have your cake and eat it, too. It's just you have to have a lot less of that cake, it has to be made locally, and it should not be fed on resources or land that humans would otherwise use.

Its okay to eat fish cause

Its okay to eat fish cause they don't have any feelings. something in the way hahaha i love Kurt Cobain

Fabulous article

Thanks for your extremely informative article.

American Dream to die with the U.S. fiat "Funny Money"

China now holds the fine balance of power over the U.S.dollar, and will control American appetites by slowly strangling the U.S. fiat "Funny Money" and placing the Yuan in its place as currency of world trade. America's Golden Age long supported by the Cheap Oil Era, is rapidly drawing to an end, and almost simultaneously China seeks unending electrical power from Thorium fueled LFTR reactors, to power the new Pan Eurasian Empire rising uncontrollably in the east as we speak and casting long shadows even over America's intellectual and scientific supremacy. Fewer and fewer Americans can share the wealth, folks in the streets in America as we speak, in need of gainful employment. The great paradigm shift is upon us, the great depression looms, Europe fails, domino effect well underway there, and even Asian markets are hurting. Will Americans eat less meat? For sure. Will Americans eat less sugar? For sure - Corn going to ethanol to fuel their cars comes right off of their tables. The unstoppable is hitting the wall, buffered by political lies to be sure, but the inevitable will happen.

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