Win a Copy of ‘The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds’

Win a Copy of ‘The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds’

A new book offers a novel array of tips that are easy and rewarding to follow.

By the Audubon Editors
Published: 08/15/2013
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I have started taking drawing

I have started taking drawing classes and am an avid photographer of birds. This book would definitely help me compose better pictures.

i have been watching birds

i have been watching birds since i was born. i have also been drawing, sketching and painting since i was a very young girl. i can think of no more wonderful gift to myself than learning how to correctly draw the birds that have always been a part of my life. if it flies, i have to look at it! my binoculars are always within reach, and i take great pleasure in sharing my life's passion with those around me. it is so exciting to see someone's eyes light up when they finally take the time to slow down and look at what has been right there all along. it's important to me to share with the next generation, as well, so they can be aware of the natural world and work to save it.
thanks for the opportunity.

As a retired art teacher and

As a retired art teacher and current full-time artist, this book would be a valuable resource for me. I am always learning!!!! In my mixed media artwork, I try to capture the essential spirit of our avian friends but would love more insight into their anatomical structure.This book would be so very helpful to my art.

Birds have always drawn my

Birds have always drawn my attention and fascination. As an aspiring botanical and natural science illustrator they are one of my favorite subjects.

What a great way to get

What a great way to get people involved, both on the website and in another aspect of birding. I may suggest a similar approach to an organization I work with. I've always scratched out drawings of birds I observe, but have never been proficient. I'd love to try my hand at a more robust method. Unfortunately your site appears broken. e-mail addresses are appearing (your email said they wouldn't).

I have such affection for

I have such affection for birds. My grandmother often calls me to come to her house which is on the water to view a new bird that has landed on the pier or that is savaging in her yard. I will come armed with my camera with zoom lens to get intimate photos of them in their habitats. Fortunately, we have lots of interesting birds as we live on the Gulf of Mexico. I would love to learn to draw them . What a beautiful gift it would be to share with others. Thank you.

Love Nature, where would we

Love Nature, where would we be without Birds?

Gerald may

I don't see separate boxes

I don't see separate boxes for my name and email as suggested in the contest rules. So I'm resubmitting my comment with them in the hopes of winning this wonderful book.

D. Hanevy
I grew up with the Audubon pocket books and would love to add this beautiful edition to my collection.

It all started with an

It all started with an unusually friendly towhee who hopped right up the front steps. How could I not feed him? I started sitting in the doorway to sketch him but it was really hard since he shifted his stance so much. Other birds came to the table and I began to purchase ever larger bags at the feed store. I would dearly love to own a copy of this book. It would help me to know what to look for each day as I observe and sketch. Making more accurate drawings would enhance the joy I already obtain from watching my daily birds and the interesting seasonal travelers who stop anytime from a day to weeks. I have watched birds all my life and always owned a field guide. I am at the beginning of an art practice and this book's inside knowledge would be so helpful and speed me along.

Have recently become

Have recently become enthralled by birds! Need to learn how to draw for my field notebook!

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