Win a Copy of ‘The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds’

Win a Copy of ‘The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds’

A new book offers a novel array of tips that are easy and rewarding to follow.

By the Audubon Editors
Published: 08/15/2013
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So many many

So many many spirits to express. Pen and paper can hardly do them justice...but I'd like to try:)

As a person somewhat new to

As a person somewhat new to birding, I have more time now to closely observe the birds in my area especially my hummingbird 'girls'. Have made many sketches and would like to use them on my Christmas cards. This book would be an enormous asset with it's detailed drawing! Thanks

Definitely on my 'to-buy'

Definitely on my 'to-buy' list. After a long break, I'm looking forward to getting back into drawing. I'm sure anything that gets me observing birds more carefully would help my ID skills as well.

I wanted to be an artist.

I wanted to be an artist. When I babysat, I could keep the children content by just drawing for them. Then I had problems with me eyes. They are now pretty good, and I am retired, so I have plenty of time.


[It's the process, not the

[It's the process, not the end result], beautiful reminder!

What a beautiful book! I have

What a beautiful book! I have been drawing and birding since I've been young, but one can always use a refresher and accept new challenges!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely book. Even if I don't win it, I'd love to purchase it and add it to my collection.

Carolyn Schwalbe

In our complex I am described

In our complex I am described as "The Bird Lady". We feed them all year and enjoy watching their habits. Our cat birds, blue jays and chickadees wait on the deck for special treats (dry roasted peanuts). We have many Audubon bird prints in our home and I would love to try my hand at drawing them with this book's guidance.

Newport bird watcher

I've just begun drawing

I've just begun drawing (mostly botanical subjects) and understand what Laws & Sibley are saying: it was such a revelatory experience to realize that despite having looked carefully at plants for years (including thru 10x lens and microscopes), I was seeing them in a different and finer detail once I started to draw them as subjects. Birds are another fascination!

This is just wonderful! I

This is just wonderful! I have such a great respect for birds - I think that their evolutionary adaptations alone are some of the most impressive and awe-inspiring in the entire animal kingdom. Humans as a whole have definitely taken them for granted. As an artist myself, I have done some drawings of these beautiful animals but could definitely benefit from some technical tips that this guide offers! I'd love to win a copy and if not I may just have to purchase one!! Thanks!


I remember using Audubons

I remember using Audubons drawings as a guide-line to draw birds in art class. While my renditions were not of the quality of his, they did serve to teach me to look for the finer details of the subject you wanted to draw and/or paint.

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