Alisa Opar

Alisa Opar

Alisa Opar is the articles editor at Audubon magazine. Follow her on Twitter @alisaopar.

Articles by this Author

Published: 09/19/2013

Humans fared far worse than avian species from the unprecedented weather.

Published: September-October 2013

When some predators feast on blubber they may even meet mates.

Published: 10/18/2013

Click image to enlarge. Image courtesy The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors

Published: 11/01/2013

Weird and beautiful photos from Nikon's Small World competition.


Published: November-December 2013

Guppies show their staying power.

Published: 11/11/2013

First there were cat cafés, now people are flocking to owl coffee shops.

Published: 11/26/2013

Visitors flock to see a bird painting at a normally sleepy museum.

Published: 11/27/2013

U.S. government issues the first criminal sentence for bird deaths at wind farms.

Published: 12/02/2013

Why koalas have bizarrely low-pitched calls.

Published: 12/05/2013

New film to explore strange, inspiring world of Federal Duck Stamp Contest.