Geoffrey Giller

Geoffrey Giller

Geoffrey Giller is an intern at Audubon magazine and a master's student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. You can follow him on Twitter @geoffsjg or see some of his work at

Articles by this Author

Published: 07/02/2013

The boom, crackle, and flash of fireworks on the 4th of July may not be as delightful to wildlife as they are to us.

Published: 07/23/2013

The perilous pursuit of the world's largest woodpecker. 

Published: 09/03/2013

California outlaws lead ammo to safeguard an iconic bird.

Published: 09/25/2013

Partnerships encourage communities to engage with natural spaces.

Published: September-October 2013

A small seabird is rebounding now that the rodents are gone.

Published: September-October 2013

Rock formations show historic rainfall patterns in Borneo.

Published: November-December 2013

Keeping cattle out of hay fields will help a dwindling bird population.

Published: November-December 2013

Technology could improve hues with the help of birds.