Purbita Saha

Purbita Saha

Purbita Saha is a reporter for Audubon Magazine whose conservation interests lie in bird and insect behavior. Her Twitter handle is @hahabita

Articles by this Author

Published: May-June 2014

The Pacific Northwest takes a major step toward safeguarding its marine habitat.

Published: 05/29/2014

Rumor has it that Beethoven's Fifth came from the tune of a white-throated sparrow. If that's true, he wouldn't be the first, or the last, to channel birdsong through music. Artist Marie-Juliette Bird has made birds her muse as well. But she's not just drawing inspiration from them: She's also collaborating with them. With their help she's painting a bleak picture of the future on Earth -- doomed by natural disasters and extinction.

Published: July-August 2014

In Norway's latest melodrama, there are fewer tears, more tweets.