Scott Weidensaul

Scott Weidensaul

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Published: May-June 2009

Mexico's Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve is a miraculous, biological melting pot teeming with life.

Published: March-April 2012

GPS and other tracking technology is unlocking the mystery of bird migration.

Published: 05/11/2012

A new era in ornithology is revealing the secrets of many species' migratory journeys.

Published: November-December 2012

An intrepid researcher became the first to film the spoon-billed sandpiper.

Published: 04/01/2013

The intrinsic value of these creatures in incalculable.  

Published: May-June 2013

The Falkland Islands are home a bounty of unusual mammals and birds.

Published: May-June 2013

Make smart plant choices your backyard can host these tiny miracles (and help scientists).

Published: 07/30/2013

Migrating birds connect far-flung continents.

Published: November-December 2013

An oil spill may save wetlands and coastlines--if we make the right choices.

Published: March-April 2014

After a banner year for Arctic rodents, the greatest snowy owl explosion in half a century has descended on the eastern United States--and it's teaching us about these nomads from the north.