T. Edward Nickens

T. Edward Nickens

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Published: May-June 2011

For the golden-winged warbler, shade-grown-coffee farms in Nicaragua rival virgin forest.

Published: January-February 2009

Logging in North America's vast boreal forest is destroying crucial bird habitat.

Published: May-June 2012

Kayaking with whales and hiking among eider ducks are great adventures in Canada.

Published: September-October 2013

Scientists using acoustic gear could be the key to the birds' future.

Published: November-December 2013

Some scientists worry that there may be trouble ahead for this holiday fowl.

Published: May-June 2014

If you're looking for real wilderness adventure in one of the world's most popular nature travel destinations, get off the beaten path on the Osa Peninsula.

Published: 05/22/2014

Back in 2008 I paddled through Ontario's remote Albany River wilderness with Jeff Wells, a senior scientist with the Boreal Songbird Initiative. We carried specialized audio recording equipment in the canoe and made aural maps of some of the most remote spots in the vast intact boreal forest of Canada. We were there just as billions of songbirds were about to depart the boreal region for the rest of the Americas, and the calls of white-throated sparrows and yellow-rumped warblers were a soundtrack to our long days in the canoe.