Todd Petty

Todd Petty

Todd Petty is a reporter at Audubon Magazine.

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Published: 03/13/2014

Rick Derevan says there's no dramatic story behind the picture of this Anna's hummingbird--and that's just the point. "One doesn't need to take an exotic trip to get a prize-winning photo," says Derevan, who went no farther than his Atascadero, California, backyard to grab this shot. He knew that the hummingbirds were attracted to the gooseberry bush there, so he fetched a beach chair and waited, his camera at the ready. He took a handful of shots at the same group of flowers, but this particular picture, he says, happened to be the best.

Published: 03/13/2014

Marie Read took her photo from her backyard near Ithaca, New York. She says she visualized the image--the redpoll against a white background--hoping to re-create the elegant simplicity common in traditional Japanese painting. She set up the dried milkweed pods next to her backyard feeder, far enough from the snowy background to throw it out of focus. She waited in a nearby photo blind for an hour or so until a flock of redpolls arrived. One of them, she says, landed and "posed nicely on the milkweed."

Published: 03/17/2014
Alexander Viduetsky took this shot in Playa del Rey, California, where had gone to see and photograph a burrowing owl that had been spotted earlier by a local birding group.
Published: 03/19/2014

New exhibit features paintings by one of America’s great naturalists and artists.


Published: 03/25/2014

This deck of cards is for the birds—or, at least, about them.

Artist Emmanuel Jose’s latest project, “Clipped Wings,” features a complete set of unique and imaginatively designed playing cards, depicting birds where once there were just kings and queens.

Published: 03/26/2014

Janelle Iglesias reimagines the birds' creations with a mix of locally sourced natural and recycled materials.


Published: 03/27/2014

The third time was a charm for Robert Lewis. He, along with another Top 100 photographer, Eleanor Briccetti, chartered a boat on Clear Lake in California observe Clark’s grebe courtship, nest building, and parenting. On each trip, they’d set out at 6:30 in the morning, and take pictures for about three hours working to get the best combination of light and behavior.

Published: 03/28/2014

Every fall, hundreds of bald eagles gather to feed on shad being chopped up in Maryland’s Conowingo Dam, says Brian Kushner. The abundance has earned it the reputation among photographers as “the best place to shoot eagles west of the Mississippi,” he says. In a frenzy of activity, the eagles feed off and on for hours, while Kushner spends anywhere from four to five hours shooting 1,000 frames.

Published: 03/31/2014

The golden-fronted woodpecker is mostly found in Mexico and Central America, reaching into the United States only in Texas and Oklahoma. So to get this shot, Barbara Baird travelled to the bird, spending a weekend shooting from a photo blind at the Santa Clara Ranch in McCook, Texas. From her hiding place, she watched as male and female golden-fronted woodpeckers cavorted with one another.

Published: 04/01/2014

Every day for two weeks Timothy Rucci set out to take a fantastic flight shot of lilac-breasted roller. He was on a wildlife photo safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, photographing a rich array of wildlife each day. But the roller image he was after eluded him until his very last day.