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Green Island Adventure

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Green Island is a protected Audubon sanctuary, and public access is strictly limited, but thanks to the Lower Laguna Madre Foundation a small group of students from Lyford and San Perlita recently got an exclusive tour of the Island. 

Hummingbird Migration Festival in Holly Springs, MS

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Hummingbird Migration Festival at Strawberry Plains Audubon Center in Holly Springs, MS.

The Bird That Won the West - Brian Rutledge, TEDxJacksonHole

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Brian Rutledge is dedicated to protecting Greater Sage-grouse and the sagebrush ecosystem that is part of our country's great natural heritage. In his role as a member of Governors' Freudenthal draft and initiate the Sage-grouse Core Area Program, directing state agencies in the Cowboy State to conserve key breeding areas for this dwindling species.