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Audubon BirdCam 45 Second Commercial

Photo by Steve Metz
Many catalysts draw us into the field on Christmas Bird Counts, and one of them is the change to find an exciting bird. One of the questions many observers have in mind each season is whether they will encounter a Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus), certainly one of the world's most spectacular birds of prey. The 106th CBC was a good one for Snowy Owl sightings, with good numbers found in many northern regions. However, the southernmost individual of the season was this Snowy, impeccably photographed on Oklahoma's Hula River Christmas Bird Count.

Oil Spill Wildlife Spotlight: Brown Pelican

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Oil Spill Wildlife Spotlight: Reddish Egret

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Photo by Don Torino
Bergen County Audubon Society (NJ) installed a Kestrel Nest Box at Overpeck Preserve with the assistance of funds raised by the students of Woodside School in Rivervale.
Pronatura Veracruz
The poster that is being used to engage local landowners and other members of the community in the preservation of forests in the region

Part 3: Interview with Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal About Audubon's Role in Protecting the Sagebrush Grouse

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Part 3: Interview with the Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal talking about why the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) endorsement is so important to Wyoming's effort to protect sagebrush grous