Project Puffin - 40 Years of Seabird Restoration

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Learn about how Project Puffin came to restore the charismatic Atlantic Puffin to the coast of Maine, and celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Photograph by Hector Acevedo/Corbis

Massive flooding almost completely submerges Utah Park in Aurora, Colorado, on September 12, 2013.

Photograph by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Steve Kress with Puffling

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A Crazy Idea to Bring Back Atlantic Puffins Is a Success

Ornithologist Steve Kress’s once-controversial methods are the gold standard for saving seabirds around the world.  
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Photograph by Tom Archer/U. Michigan
Photograph by Joel Sartore
Photograph by Dr. Richard Roscoe/Visuals Unlimited, Inc.
Left map: National Audubon Society, Right map: Courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey,

Map 1. Breeding distribution of Broad-tailed Hummingbird (left) coincides with the start of the growing season (right) in that landscape. 

Photograph by Lori Mehmen
Photograph by Wim Van Egmond/Visuals Unlimited, Inc
photo by Steve Kress

Jackson Bouler with Laughing Gull Egg
Eastern Egg Rock Island, July 2010

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Tracing the Keystone XL Pipeline’s Potential Path of Destruction

The proposed pipeline would run from Canada to the Gulf Coast and threaten wolves, warblers, and waterways.
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Photograph by Joel Sartore
Photograph by Giles Revell
Photograph by Reuters/Handout/Landov
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Exclusive Interview: Obama Defeats Romney, Says We Must Tackle Climate Change

The president provides written answers to 10 critical questions about the environment.
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