Photograph by Rosalie Winard

Highway 136, which runs along the lake's eastern shore.

Photograph by Rosalie Winard

American avocets find refuge in the lake's shallows.

Photograph by Rosalie Winard


A remote California lake, turned into a near wasteland by a long-ago water grab, is reconstructed on the strength of an unusual cooperative effort. Among the beneficiaries: thousands of migrating birds.


Water fro the Los Angeles aqueduct gushes out of the pipes to fill the dry lakebed.

Photograph by Rosalie Winard

Owens Lake, at the base of the Inyo Mountains, covers nearly 100 square miles. The lakebed is crisscrossed by a grid of driveable dikes that hide hundreds of miles of pipeline.

Photograph by Joel Sartore and Mike Kemp/Corbis

Project Puffin, 40 Years of Seabird Restoration

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Learn about how Project Puffin came to restore the charismatic Atlantic Puffin to the coast of Maine and celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Photograph by W. H. Jackson

Seeking new understanding of Old Faithful. 

Audubon Magazine

Safer Waters for Sharks

Masters of the underwater universe for millions of years, the much-persecuted shark may finally have a fighting chance thanks to friends in surprising places.
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Derrick Z. Jackson
Photograph by Thierry Cohen/Danziger Gallery

The schooner Roseway will be on hand for the celebration, helping to take puffin party participants on the Egg Rock tour. The first 50 Puffineers to register to for the Egg Rock boat trip will travel aboard Roseway. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roseway

Photo by Stella Walsh
Photo by Stephen Kress
Photo by Alison_Kocek

Arctic Tern Cam