North America

Curious Ways

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Puffin Burrow Cam - Seal Island, ME

Keeping Busy

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Hatch Week 3 - Puffin Burrow Cam - Seal Island, ME

Little Burrow Chick

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Hatch Week 1 - Seal Island - Puffin Burrow Cam, Maine

Ocean Voyagers

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Migration of the Atlantic Puffin - Seal Island, Maine

Project Puffin - 40 Years of Seabird Restoration

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Learn about how Project Puffin came to restore the charismatic Atlantic Puffin to the coast of Maine, and celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Audubon Magazine

Longline Fishing's Unintended Victims: Turtles

Many sea turtles die each year from longline fishing, but circle hooks and buoy gear help protect loggerheads and leatherbacks.
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Steve Kress with Puffling