Fall foliage alongside Miles Pond

Volunteers surveying birds in the Amphibolite Mountains.

J. Cordulack

The Byram River flows through Audubon Greenwich

Erica Van Etten
Paul Johnsgard
Lindsay Addison

Mason Inlet Waterbird Management Area

Michael Gabler
Audubon Magazine

Shock Troops

In Oregon’s deep backcountry, a group of rugged environmentalists fight for some of the nation’s oldest forests.
Type: Magazine_article | From: Audubon Magazine
Karl Kaufman

Western sandpipers along Panama City

Photo by Rebecca Sills

Clark Fork River - Grass Valley IBA

Andrea Jones
Don McIvor
High Rock Canyon is a key landscape for cliff-nesting raptors. It's perennial surface water is a key resource for a variety of wildlife in the high desert. High Rock Resource Area, NV.