Photo by Stella Walsh
Photo by Stephen Kress
photo by Steve Kress

Jackson Bouler with Laughing Gull Egg
Eastern Egg Rock Island, July 2010

Birds of Vermont Museum
Map by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Gulf of Maine Coastal Program

Audubon Camp in Maine on Hog Island

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Since 1936, residential sessions at Hog Island have been led by some of the most respected naturalists and environmental educators in the nation, inspiring scores of scientists, school and university educators, and conservation leaders.

Carrol Henderson

White Pelican fitted with tracking unit.

Great River Birding Trail

James Martin, Joyce Martin
Audubon Magazine

River of Raptors

One of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles takes place every autumn as millions of hawks and other soaring birds funnel through Veracruz, Mexico, where a pioneering program aims to keep them flowing for millennia to come.
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Audubon Magazine

Gold Standard

When it comes to protecting natural havens for bird species, shade-grown-coffee farms are second only to virgin forest. A writer’s journey through Nicaragua illustrates just how key coffee farms can be for the well-being of a certain warbler.
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Strawberry Plains Audubon Hummingbird Festival

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Strawberry Plains Audubon Hummingbird Festival

Karl Kaufman

Western sandpipers along Panama City

Cover of Audubon Adventures' Action for Planet Earth 2010, called "Caring for our Planet: Kids Lead the Way!"

Ayúdenos a salvar aves por todo el Hemisferio Occidental

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Celebracion del 10mo aniversario del acto de la ave migratoria NeoTropical.

Audubon Helps Birds Beyond Our Borders

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Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the NeoTropical Migratory Bird Act.

Children making costumes for the World Bird Festival in Panama
Asunción Bay Important Bird Area, Paraguay
M Jeffery
Piping plovers in the Bahamas as seen through a spotting scope