Jobs and Internships


Jobs and Internships


Audubon currently has three open positions. Click here for more information.


Audubon regulary offers internships, and we're looking for upper-level undergraduate or graduate students with some reporting and writing experience and an active interest in the environmental matters covered in our magazine. Interns are practically guaranteed publication in Audubon's print and web versions and are expected to blog at least twice a week. They'll also have the opportunity to engage in rigorous fact-checking, researching, and social media networking. Clerical duties are minimal. Interns are paid at least minimum wage and are required to work two, but preferably three days a week. Internships run for three to four months but can be longer depending on the magazine's needs.

Fall internships usually commence at the end of September and run through the end of January. Spring internships start at the end of January and continue through at least the end of May. Summer internships begin at the end of May and last at least through the end of September.

In order to be considered, you must apply online. When you do, please remember to submit your resume and cover letter. To find currently available internship positions, click here.